Pour la protection des sites sensibles, EVITECH est spécialisée dans l’analyse intelligente de la vidéo (analyse d'images, ou vidéo intelligente) - Vidéo surveillance intelligente, Traitement d’images, Vidéo intelligente, Vidéo protection, Détection d’intrusion, Protection anti intrusion, Caméra intelligente, Analyse vidéo, Analyse vidéo intelligente, Analyse d’images

Evitech - Vidéo surveillance intelligente

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Military units protection system demonstrator

After a long market study, the Eagle product has been selected to integrate the demonstrator of a military unit protection system of a future defense programme. Embedded in the system architecture, the software will be integrated behind a very simplified man-machine interface making it possible to operate the protection system immediatly with a pre-configured installation.


"This choice is justified by the imperative need of simplicity and quickness to deploy the system on land situation (several minutes), which cannot suffer a such meticulous parameterization as for sensitive site protection," declares Mr Georges, Evitech Consulting Officer for this programme.


"We have worked hard to satisfy the needs and the goals of this programme," tells Eric Paul, Technical Chief Officer, "thus this selection is the reward for these efforts and particularly for the development of specific functions, such as enhancing the targets moving steps, or image stabilization."