Pour la protection des sites sensibles, EVITECH est spécialisée dans l’analyse intelligente de la vidéo (analyse d'images, ou vidéo intelligente) - Vidéo surveillance intelligente, Traitement d’images, Vidéo intelligente, Vidéo protection, Détection d’intrusion, Protection anti intrusion, Caméra intelligente, Analyse vidéo, Analyse vidéo intelligente, Analyse d’images

Evitech - Vidéo surveillance intelligente

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Intelligent video for a critical building site

EVITECH has just been notified an important order for the protection of sensitive buildings under repair.


Located in Paris, the buildings under repair shelter important national collections of artwork inherited from old ages of french history. The installation of scaffolding on the perimeter of the building implied a handing-over of the security policy, since the tubular structures and scaffolding staircases constitute as many points being able to make an intrusion possible, as well as to hide the intruders from the street, at usually inaccessible floors.


To protect the site, various systems had been studied and evaluated as a preliminary, but the installation of a couple of camera and JAGUAR detector from EVITECH made it possible to show the effectiveness of the solution, and its major economic advantages (effectiveness on the straight faces and the recesses, moderated cost, simplicity of deployment, capacity to justify alarms with a video record).


Within only 2 hours, the whole solution was deployed, parameterized, and detection trials were made and validated.


We knew this type of solutions”, declares the project leader, “but the tests which we had carried out with other companies looked like more a development project than a product”, he says. “Here, we have a true product, packaged and ready for use. ”, he concludes.


Capacity of detection at night, on dark targets walking on the dark ground that are almost invisible at men's eye, and resistance to false alarms, even from city light reflectances in water puddle pools resulting from the rain, on the irregular grounds of the building site, were particularly impressive.


After two days of testing period, the detector showed its capacity to detect intrusions, without raising any false alarm”, declares A. Segui, in charge of customer support at EVITECH. “We had two or three people relieving their bladder at night on the palisade surrounding the site, nothing malicious ”, he specifies.


The general manager of the site finally proposed to leave several additional seconds to incontinents, before raising an alarm, and she validated the solution, ordering a full set of detectors covering all the perimetry of the building.


Integration : ANEDI company, expert in security of public sensitive sites


Color analog cameras, sensitive at low light, installed vertically towards the ground.