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PTZ & dome camera drive by video analytics

automated ptz drive video analytics tracking
The Jaguar and Eagle video analytics  software allow to control and move a mobile (P, T, Z) camera in order to realize the following functions :
  • when an alarm occurs on another video channel, the software can drive a second mobile camera (or dome) on the target that raised the alarm. It is then possible to observe in detail the suspicious target, to track it, to trigger a video recording, or to trigger confirmation by a second detection, on the PTZ camera, of the presence of an individual (safer decision making). Particularly adapted when a site is under surveillance with long range thermal cameras (detection of very small targets, down to one pixel), this function allows to restitute a level of details that guarantees identification of suspicious individuals.
  • outside such alarm situations requiring a dome control, the software may monitor alternatively several positions by executing a round tour, staying a given time (parameterized) on each position. Just after the move, the software is fully operational on the next position. Such a function is cost effective allowing to save the installation of several cameras on a site, when it is possible to monitor the place by successive and repetitive alternate scene monitoring.  


Available protocols, based on ONVIF - Profile S, Pelco-D, RS485 or IP, cover a large range of domes and PTZ cameras, allowing to access their optimum level of functions : either move on pre-positions, or interpolation and absolute positionning on the best position for browsing a target.


 Automatic video tracking by intelligent video analysis software