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Compact & Waterproof video analytics module




First presented on the APS'2011 Exhibit in Paris, the small and waterproof video analytics VRDB400 ruggedized module includes Jaguar or Eagle software and enables high performances :

  • Analysis and simultaneous detection over 4 analog channels, or 4 IP channels,
  • Automatic dome drive through IP (AXIS, Pelco-D/IP, ...),
  • Jaguar enables processing unit,
  • Totally waterproof (IP67),
  • Extended temperature range from -20°C to +55°C,
  • Power consumption ~60W in 220V AC, or 12-19V DC 6A,
  • Very compact : 30 cm x 21 cm x 10 cm for less than 4 kg.

This system can be deployed in a temporary or permanent installation in outdoor conditions (in an electric box, or near the sea, ...) for buildings, for city surveillance, or along roads or railways, in harbors, etc. It embeds a full Jaguar configuration which allows multiple simultaneous detection applications  : intruder detection, reverse walk/drive, speed, laid object, fire start, counting, ...

EVITECH has integrated other surveillance systems for specific conditions . Please contact us for your projects.alt