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Peaceful management of Crowds


Counting in dense crowdsPeaceful management of Crowds relates to techniques for checking and maintaining Public Order in situations with large crowds, and/or particularly dense and mobile crowds such as those observed in large transport infrastructures, events or parks, in demonstrations, or in large cities centers.


In this field, it is crucial to ensure that (1) everybody arrives safely at his/her target place, and (2) following the authorized paths.


The EVITECH Lynx product helps crowd controllers to manage these crowd moves through intelligent video-analytics based monitoring tools using existing CCTV camera images for counting (in flows, or standing crowds), and to detect incidents, and produce statistics useful for experience consolidation.



Situations that can be detected by Lynx are the following :

  • Detection of several/many people who fall,
  • Detection of threshold crossing (expressed in speed, density, possibly compounded with direction conditions, such as detection of high density -e. g. crushing risk-, or high speeds in several directions -e. g. collision risk-, or people running in a given direction -e. g. risk of falling from a train platform-).
  • CCTV video analytics detection of someone crossing the crowd streamDetection of a car/truck or a big object entering the crowd (possibly quickly, endangering people in the crowd),
  • Detection of smoke growing from the crowd or reaching the crowd (fire/choking danger),
  • Detection of sudden dispersion of a dense immobile group in sparse mobile crowd (e. g. possibility of a left victim, or manifestation of sudden fear...).
  • Detection of one or several people walking in non-authorized direction (e. g. climbing in an aircraft by the exit),
  • Detection of somebody crossing a crowd flow, possibly with a speed condition (e. g. entering by the exit, or suicide-bomber progressing quickly to control),
  • Detection of somebody stopping (or walking in reverse direction of) the crowd flow it formerly belonged to (trouble in overall people progression),
  • Detection of a dense immobile group formed in sparse mobile crowd (trouble in the overall people progress),
  • Many people suddenly run, or stop (fear),
  • Crowd flow suddenly changes (the place is suddenly empty, or, contrarily, there is a sudden rush of people, …),
  • Detection of some “hole” formed in the mobile crowd, and crowd flows passing on both sides of the hole (possible fall or incident not visible on the ground because of people around),
  • CCTV video analytics detection of sudden rush of crowdsLikewise, detection of the formation of a standing group inside a mobile crowd, perhaps revealing an invisible fall in the middle, or a fight.


Please have a look at our white paper about peaceful crowd monitoring.