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Control of visitor unicity (SAS)


In small and sensitive rooms like entry sas, ensuring the unicity of a visitor is an important task that can be delegated to our Jaguar video analytics  application. This is deployed in financial sites (One of our more sensitive installations is in Place Vendôme in Paris), industrial fields (e. g. Thomson), or nuclear process (confidential).


Safety in bank resorts will lead banks to remove cash distribution from counters, and distribute single-use cards for the ATM in the corner. This will lower risks inside the bank agencies, but move this risk towards the automaton, and to the cash conveyors.


In order to bring security to these transports and to technical infrastructures, complementing tools like badge readers, and fingerprints readers, JAGUAR can improve security controlling intruder's unicity, and inside unicity of presence, locking the safe in case of doubt. See below the example of a bank agency map to understand this organisation :


Single access control by intelligent video surveillance


Single access control in a SAS by intelligent video surveillance (video analytics) EVITECH Jaguar



By CCTV image analysis, as well as shape analysis, JAGUAR ensures that only one person has entered the room, and may lock doors and/or safe if more than one is there. An alarm with a picture can be sent immediatly to the agency manager and remote security teams, to be able to cancel the alarm in case of mistake (e. g. cleaning teams), and call security forces or police if the alarm is genuine. JAGUAR contributes this way to diminish fraud.


Detecting immobility, it also ensures the protection of workers and customers if they faint or fall in isolated rooms or at private safe access.