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Video analytics for Military Land & Joint

As the first EVITECH product in 2005, our military reserved video analytics  solution EAGLE has been designed to detect, identify, track, and locate moving threats from a fixed camera image flow. It can use any kind of cameras (thermal cooled and uncooled, visible, intensified...) on any kind of image formats (analog, H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG ...). It is able to raise alarms, or trigger defense equipment, based on alarms generated by the image processing kernel, using object properties like position, size, direction, and speed. Its extreme sensitivity allows to use it at night, with a visible camera (proved at 2 lux), or on infrared images, with fine pixel detouring and identification. It can detect very light differences even under fog and snow, especially those that a human watch guard would miss after one hour attentive observation. For a remote target approach detection application, it can warn about intruders that represent no more than 1 pixel on the image.


See the real time tracking of targets, with pixel-accurate detection, below :
military video analytics application remote threat detection
When infrared is compulsory (missions, land short term operations), it works perfectly on applications such as ground and maritime surveillance missions (Thales SOPHIE camera).
Smart Intelligent Video surveillance analytics with thermal camera
At night, by a 2 lux lighting ambiance (Sony 3-CCD camera), it allows also a very sensitive detection of nearly invisible threats. Thanks to its adaptative algorithms, it will reinforce detection by low light, high image noise, low contrast. We have night video examples at your disposal.
video analytics intruder detection low light at night
Its user friendly man machine interface makes it possible to configure alarm triggers (conditions/alarms) that are well suited to the mission purposes   :   simple surveillance, recording on events, up to integration into an embedded protection system, aboard a motorized vehicle or installed in fixed installations. Very quickly deployed and configured, it brings security to an area, enabling the men to concentrate on the core of the mission.
See below this border road surveillance, when the fog is coming :
video analytics fog detection colour image remote small target
For inquiries and information research (Forensic), the EAGLE system can be deployed on a portable PC over batteries, to observe and bring alarms on a sensitive situation, or to count events (individuals, tanks, jeeps, ...).
For surveillance of areas visited by unauthorized visitors, or even snipers, the EAGLE system contributes efficiently to long-time observation and information of entry points, exits, and even very shortly used positions (e. g. windows of a large building). As the processing unit is separated from the camera, no loss of information about the shooter will be caused by a possible attack of the camera.

alt Disponible en format Available on industrial format units (19" rack) or on waterproof and ruggedized units (on the left), the software can be ported on a large range of standard hardware types.