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Mobile uses of video analytics

VDS 200 : EVITECH intelligent video surveillance wallet

Many temporary installations or travels all around the world are situations of high risk, against which advanced protection tools are of high value :

  • During a travel in a risky country (attack, highjacking, piracy), to protect someone,
  • During a public event, because of the installations, possible wealth, and public presence (temporary installations, feasts, exhibitions, ...), to avoid accidents (e. g. somebody climbs on the installations at night when closed), or to avoid robbery,
  • On a working area (building,  road, or other construction), to avoid accidents and robbery of building materials (metal).

EVITECH has formerly proposed the VDS200 case, a small mobile & video analytics tool. Quickly connected to 1-4 cameras, this case can be powered by sector, or other means in 8-24 V-DC (battery), and will monitor automatically installations observed by the cameras.

If used to monitor rooms around a V.I.P., it would play a MP3 sound file (e. g. a phone ring) or activate a third party device (through a dry contactor), and warn its owner or the body guards of an intrusion or a trepasser. 

If used to monitor a building site, or temporary installations, it would send any intruder alarm with a photo on a GSM phone, using a third party 3G USB key with a SIM card.

Even if it is still possible to propose them in case of specific need, these products have progressively been replaced by hardened systems without screen & keyboard, that are configured with a laptop. The VRDB400, for example, is a waterproof embedded server able to monitor 1-4 anazlog/digital cameras. It is used outdoors and in marine environment.