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Video analytics for Oil & Gas applications


In order oil leak pipe detection video analyticsto secure the oil installations and to prevent any incident that may happen on an oil installation (such as misfunction, consequences for customers, pollution, ...), the video analytics  Jaguar product from Evitech can detect from thermal camera images, any trouble in a sensitive area of the site, such as :

  • intruders around installations,
  • vapor leaks,
  • oil leaks,
  • fire starts.


Thermal cameras generate grey-scale images where the grey-level is related to the temperature of the observed elements in the scene (pipes fences, cracking tours, ...). They ensure a reliable image in permanence, day and night, as well as in fog or smoke situations. A thermal camera does not suffer from visibility limitations as human eyes or classical optical cameras do.


         gas fire start detection leak video analytics        

gas leak detection video analytics


Specific software developments and tests have been done by EVITECH in order to develop these solutions for reinforcing security of oil & gas installations. After having deployed several installations the company is able to advise and study new projects with the appropriate methodology and agreements (ATEX, SEVESO security agreements) for these projects.