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Transports, Harbors...

In public transports (airports, trains, roads & motorways), safety of public transportation, as well as protection of transported people & goods, take multiple benefits of products like JAGUAR. At small cost, using already installed cameras, the JAGUAR video analytics  system can detect various dangerous situations such as something or someone falling on the rails or tracks, intruders in technical offices and storing areas, as well as abandoned objects.


The following image is extracted form work done with french subway (CREDS - AVSS 2005) :

Subway & Train railway human fall detection by video analytics EVITECH Jaguar

This is somebody wandering at night : 

Night intruder detection with video analytics, EVITECH Jaguar
The following images are extracted from work done in an airport :
Airport surveillance with Intelligent video analytics : EVITECH Jaguar Intelligent video surveillance & analytics : Airport moves detection with EVITECH Jaguar

For harbors, the EAGLE & JAGUAR video analytics software products detect moves, on sea (maritime surveillance), on harbour quays, on access tracks or railways, and help to protect the whole port installations, as well as sensitive goods (energy, ...). In complement of radar that ensures detection on large distances for important ships, these products allow to develop surveillance tools on smaller areas such as harbour-basin, or harbour bay, at very interesting costs since it only uses images flows of cameras that mainly already exist. Here, you can see an infra-red surveillance with EAGLE of a Zodiac and cargo liners container ships (from a CEDIP Infrared systems camera) :

Marine video analytics detection boats

In the intrusion detection domain, EAGLE protects all kinds of harbour buildings, fences, at open and closed times and days, access points, and of course accesses from the sea. Detection of small ships and all kinds of swimmers can be quite easily done from infrared images (sometimes quite too noisy in the visible fields), that is perfectly filtered by the thermal captor hereunder (notice the two small objects on the left) :

Marine maritime video analytics detection

On ship control applications by size or speed, the software can ensure a preliminary size and speed control automating most of access verifications and possibly device management (defence device triggering), reserving occasionnally doubtful cases to man.


On the beach, intruders coming from the sea are detected too :

Intelligent Video surveillance : intruder detection from beach access