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Urban space control by video analytics

Around the JAGUAR video analytics  software product, EVITECH offers a complete toolbox of functions for end-users to organize freely without additional cost per function : individual behaviour analysis, small groups detection, alarms raising or video display pre-emption, different rules during day/night, user defined rules taking into account and combining position, speed, direction size, duration, etc... The analysis is done during camera's immobility periods. On a dome, Jaguar enables to drive surveillance patrols, e. g. 10 to 20 seconds per position, and adapted rules on each position. 


True reference : EVITECH has installed early 2010 a full set of applications on the Lyon Harbour (see the project presentation) and our customer reference. 



As examples of functions, Jaguar can propose :Video analytics surveillance detection of groups

  • Detection of groups/fights: hour, place, estimation of number of persons, quick moves.
  • Protection of cash distribution machines: detection of individuals standing close to the machine, detection of a newcomer approaching while somebody is already on the machine, detection of fast moves to or from the machine.
  • Loss of verticality (fall of an individual) : one person classified as a walking individual falls.
  • Detection of somebody climbing a facade.
  • Detection of wandering dogs: shape & size detection, not led by a person.
  • Detection of stopping vehicle: parking not on a park place, dangerous stop, accident, ...
  • Detection of bad direction drive: one way, ...
  • Surveillance of a sensitive perimeter (Christmas market village, celebration, tent…) and detection of intruder.
  • Detection of changes in the streets (outside parking places) : broken glass, tags, etc.
  • Detection of an intruder in an official building during closing period (city hall, police station, bank, …).
  • Detection of a laid object.
  • City equipment protection.
  • Detection of outstanding moves: vehicles (e. g. : pedestrian area), motorbikes, running person, …
  • Video-management of urban areas: statistics, classification, speed measures...
  • Detection of dangerous situations : excessive speeds, pedestrians, risky situations close to water pools or rivers, ...
  • Crowd supervision (including dense crowds) : see the LYNX application.