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This page is for the download of various documentation, such as the company brochure, the general sales conditions, the user manual, the configuration manual, and the site installation manual, etc... The available documents depend on your situation regarding EVITECH :

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  • If you are visitor, we suggest you to fill the form below (e-mail, name, forename, ...) and you will be able to download public documents, such as brochures, product novelties, general documents. Please consider the "legal warning" information provided on this website to check how we protect your privacy.

List of items that you can download :

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VDS200 Intelligent video suitcase - forensic : Detection suitcase brochure - Investigations

VDS200 Intelligent video suitcase -VIP protection : Detection suitcase brochure - Protection

Peaceful Management of Crowds (white paper) : Monitoring of crowds with video analytics over existing CCTV cameras