As a reference player in sensitive sites protection, iLIDS "primary detection system" certified, EVITECH is specialised in Video analytics (also known as video analytics, or video motion detection) even in very difficult conditions.

What is Video analytics ? We commit ourselves to detect every single visible target with less than 2 false alarms a day : did you know it?

From the detection of very small targets by intelligent video surveillance, to the detection in Video analytics, how to avoid the traps of  false alarms in video analytics ?

Supported by French administration (MoD, MoI) and start-up innovation structures, positively evaluated by NATO experts, EVITECH is your Video analytics partner for your safety projects over  all continents.

Discover Lynx, for the peaceful management of crowds, for counting and detection of incidents in the movement of crowds: density, velocity, acceleration, stopping, bottlenecks, against the grain ...

26.03.14 - Test field counting for fraud in public transports

EVITECH crowd monitoring solution Lynx has received field test results from a public transport company, after several months of measures held between late 2013 and March 2014. Target of this ev... Read more...

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