Protection of Oil Wharves by video analytics

EVITECH has realized the protection of Oil Warves, platforms linking water, where ships come from, and earth, where pipelines end and begin.

Made of a platform built arount big polls, deeply fixed in the ground underwater, the oil wharf is a critical equipment which constitutes the link in the circulation of oil & gas, between the upstream (oil extraction) and the downstream (distribution). Our Jaguar video analytics solution, selected for this project, ensures a detection by a crossed image analysis from FLIR thermal cameras monitoring the platforms, the shore, the waterside and the earth, as well as both opposite sides of the polls and other emerging installations.

Due to the complexity of each wharf, an adapted solution covering each opposite face of each equipment has to be found. Likewise, water, oil pipes joining the continent to the platform, the land access, as well as the shore have to be monitored. One last but important difficulty consists into minimizing the congestion due to the polls of the surveillance cameras themseleves, in order not to interfere with boat operations, of course, but also maintenance and servicing of this precious equipment.