Short range thermal cameras assessment

In order to help our customers to know and compare performance of most common market cameras at an average price of € 2,000 , we realized this month a new benchmark with our partner LYNCEO,

CamerasMastTestZoneand produced a comparative report including images, taken simultaneously, of the same scene, with about thirty typical intruder detection issues, illustgrating the kind of tests that are accomplished in order to qualify a system over a sensitive site (attempt to cross a perimeter walking, sat, crawling, behing a mask, etc). Compared products were from AXIS, DAHUA, FLIR, HIK VISION, for image resolutions between 320x240 pixels and 384x288 pixels.

Here are shown the cameras (mainly bullet form factors), their installation over the poll, and the detection zone, with a grass part, an earth part, and concrete in the background.

Hereunder are some images from the tests, which are all presented in a test report that you can request if you want to get a copy of it.CmpTh1

Here, the image of the detection zone, when viewed by the four cameras.


Details on the grass, by two cameras.


Here are compared the level of visibility of a target over the different cameras. Our Jaguar software is used; with the same settings over all camera feeds, as a benchwork over all the cameras (Up : a person hidden behind an umbrella ; down : a crawling inidividual).


Last, hiding in the smoke of a smokegen device has been tested.

Ask us for the report !