Protection of waiste disposal sites against fire

EVITECH supplied this month a series of fire start detection systems for waiste disposal sites.

EnginFire start detection in waiste disposal sites is sometimes quite easy, the principle consisting into detecting hot spots over an amount of immobile waiste items, but often more complex. In practice, waiste items are shaked and moved by heavy trucks, whose engine pipes can reach high temperatures too, as well as electrical or pneumatical grapples, which can also heat, due to their activity. FeuHere, on the picture on the right, a truck with a hot pipe.

We have designed and supplied an intelligent system for activity detection in order to optimize fire start detection according to the level of activity on the site. This device has successfully detected a fire start that occured in the following weeks (see picture on the left).

Several waiste/garbage disposal sites have then been delivered on this design.


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