Swimmers detection in South East Asia

Evitech export's strategy is winning again, in South East Asia, with an important purchase order for a swimmer detection system. The system will protect coast guards water pools, the latter being the access way for coast guards to the sea, but also a possible break to enter a State Coast Guards resort.

In order to prevent the nasty arrival of an intruder through the water pool (which is also the sea access for coast guards boats), a large test session was made in order to compare image analysis systems on the topic of very small targets detection like a head floating on the water, and in approach to a Coast Guard site resort. Unsurprisingly, the Jaguar system, developed for military needs, won the contest.

The system xas ordered for a first series of more than 10 installations, and will be generalized later. In this contract, the customer activated the hot resilience funtion option of Jaguar servers, in order to deploy a resilient solution, able to resist to a single dserver failure. Each site is independent and manages its two servers : one for the processing, and one for recsue.