Thermal Imaging for Intelligent Video Analytics

Among several projects launched or completed during T1 2010, EVITECH's Jaguar video analytics solution has been -or is going to be- deployed with thermal imaging & cameras. Here is a short list of the projects :

  • Fire start detection for industrial site, or for a garbage recycling site, in west and central France : several sites presenting fire start risks have ordered and deployed the new Evitech solution for early fire start detection. These sites are equipped with a specific thermal camera dedicated to these projects, and with the Jaguar solution for detecting any heating above 100°C. Other projects are progressing for flare surveillance in the Oil & Gas world. The combination of Jaguar with this thermal camera allows to verify the continuity of the flare burning (no consumption), and its holding in a size and position limit compatible with a riskless industrial cracking process.
  • Protection of VIP villas in the Nederlands : like several other VIP villas protected by the combination of Jaguar + thermal cameras in Europe (France, Italy, Spain), Evitech has started in T1 2010 with its partner Teleconnect the installation of the first one among a serie of 15 VIP villas to be installed briefly. The common factor between these installations consists in protecting, without reworking trenches in earth and walls everywhere, and without denaturing the dwellings by barbed wire mesh or showy high lightings. Installed discretely without any lighting, thermal cameras with image analysis allow the protection of walls, fences, woody areas, grass, and access roads. With a powerful solution like Jaguar, that allows a detection from the first pixel, cameras can be spaced every 150, 300 or even 600 meters, which simplifies a lot and lightens the installation.
  • Protection of a military base : for providing a powerful solution at low cost for this military base, Evitech and its partner Gallilee have deployed a thermal PTZ camera coupled with Jaguar configured with a monitoring patrol. At regular and short intervals, the PTZ camera covers the sensitive areas, stops for detecting suspicious events, and continues its course. With simple installation on top of higher buildings, with savings of any lighting, and of any physical system that would have encumbered roads or tracks, and with a minimum wiring inside the building, the PTZ camera covers wide spaces at 500 to 1500 m of the building, in every direction.
  • OEM integration in a global supervision solution : in this global area supervision solution, developed and sold by a major security-defense french group for international applications, Evitech's Jaguar was integrated as an OEM module in order to ensure image analytics detection and tracking of targets, particularly on top of the latest Jaguar V2.2 functions. Mostly installed with thermal cameras, in order to monitor at long range wild spaces or unmastered areas (nomans'lands), this supervision solution will enable its customers to complete all the supervision tools with a most performant video analytics solution.

With a total of orders increasing of more than 100% on the first trimester 2010, Evitech continues its progression in 2010.

Please reserve the date of May 27 2010 on your agenda, since FLIR, Alpha Photonics and EVITECH invite you, in a closed and reserved area, for a full day of presentations and experimenting (within filming ranges) of thermal based video analytics detection solutions. This day will be held in the Paris region, and will be an occasion for EVITECH to present its 2010 roadmap.

Attendance to the meeting is free, but only checked-in people in the limits of the attendance capacity will be able to access the site. Please contact Laurent Assouly (lassouly at evitech dot com) if you wish to receive an early invitation.