EVITECH wins a project on the basis of the Total Cost of Ownership

EVITECH wins the video-analytics monitoring of a large aeronautical equipment production site.


Project configuration :

This site, very large, includes many buildings. Its protection & monitoring system will be based on cameras equipped with a Jaguar video content analytics solution, in order to check and monitor a large perimeter around the buildings and to detect every suspicious move in the area (somebody entering, leaving) during the closing hours. All the reported information will be sent to a remote surveillance center, for doubt raising and calling riot patrol on spot if necessary.


Global cost of ownership (installation costs and regular costs) :

The choice of Jaguar was prefered because of its detection performance and its very low false alarms rates (guarantee to raise less than 2 false alarms per day in the application ofintruder detection over a fixed camera). The study showed that a video analytics system detecting far and finely would allow to settle the cameras every 100 to 120 meters, while another system would require to settle them every 40 meters. Furthermore, the raising of less than 2 false alarms per day and per camera by Jaguar (thus 0 to 16 per km and per day) against more than 10 per day and per camera for other solutions (thus 250 per day per km) would lead to a ratio of 15 in terms of false alarms per km per day between the two solutions.

« Our choice was winning on both sides», declares the customer, « on the installation budget, less cameras are installed and there are thus less video analytics licences, less masts, less holes to dig in the ground ; while on the maintenance budget, the remote surveillance fee is largely less expensive. »


Details of the case study :

A remote surveillance operator needs approximately 5 minutes for raising the doubt about an incoming alarm (reading the video, checking, writing the comment or the report about the alarm) per alarm. This cost is obviously supported by the customer. The ratio between the solutions is thus deduced by comparing a workload of 1.5 H per day per km for jaguar (sharable with other customers), against 20 hours per day per km (thus 3 people full time) for other solutions.

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A little more than ten years ago, EVITECH has established itself as a reference player in video analysis for the Global Security.


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