Jaguar supports the Dalmatian Coast Guards

Our Jaguar video analytics software  was installed in January 2012 on the dalmatian coast for boat detection and tracking.

EVITECH's major software solution, the Jaguar video analytics solution, was deployed in January 2012 for the surveillance of boats in North-Mediterranee, inside the EXAVISION Vigisens system, EXAVISION having installed a network of thermal PTZ drivable cameras for the surveillance of the bosnian enclave on the Mediterranean sea. Jaguar was first selected in 2011 for detecting boats entering in a monitored zone, and for automatically auto-tracking these boats once they had been detected by a radar, during their passing along the coasts.  The interest of the solution is to provide the auto-tracking function for any PTZ drivable camera, wtih the same interface and performance, which relaxes the customer from the proprietary functions of each camera drive supplier, and allows a very large choice of cameras for such projects.

These functions, developed initially for ground surveillance, were extended to maritime surveillance thanks in particular to the RECONSURVE ITEA2 research project, that allowed to explore maritime specificities. In this project, EVITECH is partner with THALES, EADS and the Caen university GREYC lab team.

This first project will be completed soon by another maritime project, now on south american coasts.

An appropriate installation on his continent for the Jaguar !

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