12 IR fences replaced by 3 thermal cameras !

Jaguar video analytics with thermal cameras overcomes a solution with IR fences, color cameras, and lighting. After comparison, several customers from logisticsprivate villas, and sites victims of copper robbery have recently sent us orders for protecting their sites. These sites are not guarded at night, the alarms are sent to a remote surveillance guarding site for doubt raising and police riot call.

Thermal cameras, that do not need lighting, are passive and undetectable. They enable a detection from remote or high spots where they are fixed. Thanks to the Jaguar software or its "Jaguar light" version for limited budgets, a whole zone is in surveillance , e. g. 50 m x 50 m thans to a 90° thermal camera, or 100 m x 50 with two crossed 45° thermal cameras. In a recent project, over a lean surface, this solution was preferred to 12 IR barriers, which were estimated necessary in the site protection study.

On a flat site 50 x 80 m, a solution with 2 crossed cameras enabled a cost reduction by 50% when compared to a similar site protected with IR barriers.

At last, 3 forecasts are also very important for the success of these projects :

  • video analytics covers a volume, a ground based surface, and not a linear section. Hence, a full behavior analysis is made, thans to Jaguar, that analyzes the whole image, and allows the user to exploit all information seen on image (and thus the target history), and realize with a single software license an unlimited number of applications. It does not simply consists into analyzing pixels around a tripwire line, like in simple applications that raise many false alarms.
  • the solution is not vulnerable : no lighting is required, and unexpected extinction of lights do not affect the surveillance. Last, cameras can be installed far inside the site, for example over bulding corners or other high points.
  • alarm detection is immediatly associated to a full resolution 25 fps video, where the target is highlighted (detouring), beginning before alarm, and pursued until target disparition. Highlighting and targets are perfectly synchronous, which enforces security. Without a local guard in the site, it was not usefull to integrate a 24/7 video recording system,  and to stamp the records with alarms. Jaguar recording is available over an internal or external website (for a quick extraction of the alarm video), or by FTP copy over the remote surveillance system infrastructure.

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A little more than ten years ago, EVITECH has established itself as a reference player in video analysis for the Global Security.


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