Jaguar to protect a rubbish recycling complex

An important industrial complex for rubbish recycling, over several kilometers, will be protected by the Jaguar video analytics software.

The site, constituted of several units dedicated each to the recycling of one category of elements among the rubbish (metal, paper, plastic, wood, ...), will be protected as a whole by our Jaguar video analytics solution. Jaguar will equip several dizains of cameras spread at the perimeter of recycling units.

In cooperation with a Mesh telecommunication solution with high performance (the French Lucéor), image transmission will be effective and performant without the need to wire the whole site. Thermal cameras, installed along the perimeter, will allow to detect first any unusual activity around the complex units (images being simple temperature maps, identification of persons or cars will not be possible, and tha anonymity will be preserved). For example, a car stopping and parking at night in these places very rarely frequented usually can pull the attention of guards and anticipate later dispositions in case of intrusion.

Recycling of rubbish in general is an activity that can be financed because of the sale of several processed elements that may be of price, like gold, platinium, copper, aluminium... to mention metals, without mentioning rare elements from our old screens, cellphones, and computers.

Recycling of rubbish in France is also a very innovative activity with a quick technological progression. Inventions and innovations are done everyday to rubbish sorting and recycling processes, and each customer owner of this innovation must protect it too.

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