Coastal protection : in the islands clear water...

Image processing can also concern underwater surveillance, as our last tests demonstrated it in June 2017, in the clear water of exotic islands. With the help of cameras laid under water, it is possible to survey sensitive passes and to detect approaching threats in lagoons, passes, coral barriers, or other half opened water environment.

Filming tests underwater were first done over different scenes in order to validate detection range, which revealed estonnishingly long. An important threat (over 5 feet long) can be detected within 100 meters from the camera, which makes this device perfectly compatible with the requirements for the protection of an open access between inner water and sea. If some fishes at short distance can raise false alarms, the good choice of camera position is the key to reduce their frequency. Thanks to the high experience of the installer, camera laying spots are carefully selected, taking into account the depth, the ground, the streams. Camera stability is also to be guaranteed for system efficiency. Last, navigation must not be handicaped by cables or nets. Once all these constraints are solved, the system can be operated either locally (video processing close to cameras, and alarm report to coast), or at distance (image transmission to coast, and detection in the infrastructure).

In order to satisfy all the needs of water players interested by the project, high resolution cameras are installed underwater for identifying finely visitors characteristics (corpse details, markers, or underwater tractor and weapons).

The Jaguar software was installed for tests, and then ordered for the protection of a set of sites and for the detection of unwanted visitors.

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