Datacenters : a reinforced protection

Jaguar protects financial datacenters

Datacenter aux champsLocated in the south of Paris region, in a plain, these financial datacenters are protected by several solutions, including a double video analytics belt : for the immediate perimeter, as well as to detect approaches from average distance.

If perimeter detection is now  a quite well-known security design concept, detection at middle range is more original and is justified by the site security level, on the one hand, and by the size of the surveyed area on the other hand. Here, a group of PTZ CCTV FLIR thermal cameras with a small FOV, produce a zoomed image at an average distance and detect any move in the surroundings. Like in a airbase, the campaign is generally quiet and low frequented (even though a few paysants and hunters can appear from time to time). The cameras allow to raise alarms and produce information about general frequentation around the site. Statistical agregation of this information then allows to detect unusual activity periods around the site (days, hours, frequency).

The Jaguar technology was already demonstrated as more performing than continuous scanning systems (during nuclear sites approach tests by sea, in 2017, with Exavision) : the sensor is immobile for a short time on a position, and does not suffer from a move blur, nor from approximations of an image shifting algorithm, that would be required in case of a scan.Quick reactivity and good engine motor quality of the cameras allow to cover the whole zone within a time sufficient to detect an approach.

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A little more than ten years ago, EVITECH has established itself as a reference player in video analysis for the Global Security.


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