Implementing the control of social distance

Due to the pandemy, social distance regulation have been defined by the authorities. A first threshold was often set to very small groups (2-3 people) during the lock period. The limit has now been relaxed to groups of e. g. 6 or 10 people, but different thresholds exist, depending on the states, and also on the regions. In public transports, a threshold can also be set, e. g. to limit the use to 50% of the seats (one seat over two should be empty).

petit groupe      Attroupement  

        MR dense

 Detection of a small group of 3 people.   Group of more than 10 people detected.   Train containing more than 50% seats occupied.


For satisfying these requirements, EVITECH has added new functions in its LYNX product to demonstrate the acuteness of the detection of such groups. Counting and density mesure are now well-assessed applications installed on many projects (Euro Fan Zones, Festival of Lights, Paris feasts, Train stations, Airports, Cities, ...), and inside public transports wagons. On this basis, the detection of groups has been developped and then demonstrated in several POCs.

After these experiences, these applications ar now being installed widely, they allow an automatic control of the density thresholds, with a high flexibility. At every place where the limits are not respected, it is possible to send LEAs to enforce the rules, and thus to avoid the extension of the disease. This applies in public transports, as well as around city high frequentation places.

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