Video analytics and operator interfaces

Dedicated to public spaces security, or to private sites security, many performing video analytics functions are available through EVITECH LYNX and JAGUAR solutions. But what is the most efficient way for their exploitation ? What is common between fire detection, intruder detection, behavioral analysis, people counting, and detection of an armed person in crowd ?

Let's review here today an update about interfaces that are proposed to Video Operators for the exploitation of these tools.

At first glance, many video installations are now very important. More than 800 cameras in each large train station in Paris, thousands of cameras in main towns, hundreds in each nuclear plant. It is no more possible to hire as manu operatos so that each camera is manually watched at regular interval by a human operator. However, this was the organization ten years ago.

Video analytics has brought a new and reversed doctrine : insterad of watching cameras in order to catch something interesting on it, the operator interest is now pulled by the video system. A dashboard with a few charts can provide him with general information about processes onsite, for the processes that are to be monitored (e. g. attendance, average walking speed, or whatever). This is computed by video analytics over part or all cameras, and consolidated in the hypervision system, in order to be displayed and recorded for statistics. For video, the screen is black (or grey...), and only lights when something is to be seen : an alarm video clip (what was detected, with a detouring of the alarm corresponding area of the image), and relative elements to help the management of the event : live video of the area, close camera views (e. g. upstairs and downstairs of an escalator), neighbor camera views, etc.

Data sent by video analytics are thus always of two categories : regular events or counting data messages that reflect a situation (vehicles, people, speed, waiting time, ...), and alarms that correspond to a local anomaly to manage (accident, ...). On top of the video analytics data, some tools can exploit data and raise some higher level information, such as site frequentation (overcoming authorized attendance limit ?), gradients in speeds (anticipating a bottleneck ?), etc. Some hypervision tools and/or Video Management Systems integrate such functions.

There are several different site monitoring processes followed by Security Operators : sometime, operators are present on site, installed behind screens, or it's the operator in charge of delivering access grants who also throws a glance at the alarms, in parallel. But other organizations exist : the remote operator, installed in a secured infrastructure under the ground, kilometers away from the site, overviews several or dozens of sites... Or the bodyguard, who moves randomly in the site with his tablet or his smartphone... And also a remote process operator, who watches a technical process (hoven, electrical plugging, or a train driver ...), with a camera that is also dedicated to security.

EVITECH has integrated for all these operators a large variety of interfaces and gateways in order to allow each player to monitor video analytics events and alarms with the most convenient tool :

  • Connectors to site Hypervision systems : Appvision (Prysm), Isap (Egidium), PTGEM, Actives (AzurSoft /Saratec), …
  • Connectors to Video Management Systems : Exacqvision (Exacq), Qognify (Seetec), SecurityDesk (Genetec), XProtect (Milestone), …
  • Links to remote operator systems : AzurSoft, ESI, Stanley, …
  • Links to mobile solutions : Telegram, …
  • Components or web-pages to integrate in these tools : dashboards, alarm review tools, …
  • Technical links, toolboxes : FTP/SFTP, message, SNMP, web-services, …

These interfaces are growing with new protocols for new businesses : MQTT, JSON, …

For allowing the Customer to take benefit of the best part of each tool and technology, from each category, and for avoiding him to be locked in a proprietary architecture (single-supplier), the job of the integration team evolves toward a know-how which is no more a technical assembler, just connecting components together, but the know-how of the one who analyzes the roles of future users and agents of a system, in order to bring to each of them the right tool which will optimize his/her task.

EVITECH accompanies his Customers all along this integration way, and proposes, thanks to his know-how of the domain, in collaboration with the other ecosystem players, connectors, links and integration components with open tools. Hence, each tool ensures his function in the global framework independently of each other, and warranties the best performances and sustainability, without increasing the burden of the "Workflow" of operators, whose first role is to ensure security and not to learn how to use software.

Useful links:
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