Highly sensitive site protection in the highlands

EVITECH has won this summer a site protection project of a highly sensitive site located in the highlands. With a multiple miles-estimated perimetry, more than one hundred cameras, equiped with our video analytics solution will ensure the land protection.

Bosse cloture

Our efficient EVDesign (https://evdesign.fr) site modelization tool has been used to model the site and to place cameras on the ground map. The exceptional dimension of this project allowed us to validate its performance for really big projects. Positioning constraints such as minimum target size at end of field of view, and camera heights recommended by the Customer, enabled us to propose an initial plan that can be validated on the ground to ensure its 3D validity.


Pente clotureIndeed, when a site perimetry follows bumps and dips, it is important to check that the proposed camera positions can "see" over the bumps, up to the end of the field of view (Cf. image on the right). Also, camera fields of view should cover all the lean ground in front of them (a ramp up in front of a camera may justify 2 or even 3 cameras for covering all the slide lane, like in the image on the left). One should also avoid to see the sky in the image background, in order to avoid all kinds of "passing-through" disturbances like birds, planes, tiny clouds, etc.  This can lead to a long check on the site, and a reversing of the expected camera positions in order to lay them in the direction of "to the downhill" instead of "to the sky".



EVD viewEVDesign (on the left) is a web based tool allowing to place simply cameras over a map, respecting specified camera heights, full fence covering, and target minimal size constraints, in pixels per meter. All main camera brands can be used on this tool, and the user can can add it's own ones.Target size at the end of field can be set according to the user's needs, for example 12 pixels on grass, 6 pixels on hard ground (e. g. road), and 3 pixels to detect an approch in the long distance. Like Jaguar, this tool adpats itself to the project's needs.

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