Coming out of EAGLE V1.3 : an artificial vision component

The new version EAGLE V1.3 is announced !

A camera shivering on top of a mast ? A very dark image ? Vegetation moving in the wind, in a sensitive area, or with a shade over a sensitive area ? A need to know the real size (meters) of targets ?

All these are new functions of our EAGLE V1.3 software, which bring a true answer to these questions, in a new product whose packaging has been completely remade. It now makes it possible to integrate products as an OEM artificial vision function, hidden behing a supervision desktop, with a very powerful control protocol. The Sea-on-line company, for example, builds a complete ship protection system, on top of cameras, specific captors, will integrate the software in a computer located in the ship electronics compartment, which will push alarm images and data to the ship specific third-party desktop.

This approach also provides the possibility to integrate the artificiel vision function in any intelligent device, even outside protection & surveillance. It may make it possible to detect accidents (people falls), to dialogue, to analyze the wandering of a customer, to detect people coming to a vehicle in order to unlock doors or command door opening if the visitor is authorized (e. g. a handicapped person). This latter example can be extended up to facial biometrics recognition, thus opening the door to a keyless car or a keyless house, which would recognize its visitors and open itself when allowed.

For more details : Annonce_V1_3_E.pdf

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