The MOBISIC project : intelligent video surveillance for mobile securityth REFLEX-CES for the production of VDS200 (2)

Big events, such as G8, or world football cup, or crisis (earthquakes, terrorism) need highly mobile and plug & play tools for ensuring public security, help and rescue to possible victims, and safety to rescuers. Among these tools, intelligent video surveillance is one of the easiest to deploy since it can provide full time surveillance of an area without a complex and prior installation & wiring of the place. Compared to intelligent fences, sismic detection, hyper-frequence detectors and other physical detectors that are used on sensitive sites, mobile video using intelligent video surveillance only needs a video camera, an EVITECH intelligent box, a power supply unit (possibly a battery) and can run using WiFi or other wireless telecommunication channels.

The MOBISIC project, a French FCE project, will soon take place and provide tools for big events & crisis security management. In this project, EVITECH will provide a mobile video processing device, based on intelligent video surveillance techniques, for detecting moves, surveillance of abandoned objects and intelligent video compression. Shortly after a subway accident, some thermal cameras can be quickly installed at some critical crossings in smoky subway tunnels, and the EVITECH box can be plugged with very fast installation procedure. Activated by a network security procedure (from a security card, a fingerprint, or a code), the system would immediatly complete the basic security infrastructure with additional information, derived from intelligent video surveillance analysis of the camera image flow : such as victims ramping for fresh air, rescuers trapped, fire starting again, suspicious move in a cleared area...

The MOBISIC project is a SYSTEM@TIC Paris Region funded project.

Keywords : mobility, intelligent video surveillance

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