Video analytics for global security

On April 2008, EVITECH presented the general principles of video analytics in the AVIRS conference : Evitech_AViRS08_04.pdf 

Video analytics (also known as Video content analysis, VCA, or Video Motion Detection, VMD) consists in a software that exploits images from a CCTV camera, in order to elaborate an interpretation which characterizes a situation, and allows to warn a user about it. In opposition to image analysis, video analytics is based on the observation of the evolutions of single targets in a scene, while filtering potential perturbating effects, such as camera vibrations, or day/night illumination change, or cloudy vs. sunny changes. It aims at locating and analyzing these changes in order to get an interpretation of it.

Video analytics users are site operators (sensitive sites, or industry, or process, ...) who wish to monitor continuously their installations in order to ensure a permanent and reliable diagnostic of the respect of the rules they have assigned to be monitored, whilst reducing the cost of this monitoring.

Video analytics users require an acute detection capacity AND simultaneously the lowest false alarms rates.

EVITECH's video analytics solutions are proven for detecting 100% of searched events (single targets) when they are visible "with a naked eye" on the camera image, with (e. g.) less than 0.5 false alarms per day and camera checked and confirmed on all intruder detection applications on sites installed in 2011 with this application (several hundreds of cameras).

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A little more than ten years ago, EVITECH has established itself as a reference player in video analysis for the Global Security.


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