Industrial SEVESO 2 site

EVITECH has closed positively the validation period of a 125 image processing software licenses pack of Jaguar, delivered in 2017, for various analytics on a very important industrial SEVESO 2 site in the neighborhood of Lyon.

After the first failed selection of a "nicely marketed VCA product" which did not work properly, the customer, a major chemical company, has purchased EVITECH's technology for a complete set of analytics (intrusions, fine targets tracking, detection of over-speed, reverse drive, falls on the ground, running, loitering, as well as wrong parking, and traffic jamming, ...). Software was deployed over dedicated standard market Intel servers, connected up to the camera feeds, and down to the SEAL supervision solution of Omnitech (a site hypervision product based on Milestone), under the control of a 24H/7D present guard. One of the project's key points was the capacity of Jaguar to track individual faces, with an AXIS dome, at a resolution of 90x60 pixels on the face, enabling individual identification.

"Between a 'demo-like' tracking where the individual is always in the image, but too small and at a far distance for being identified properly with justice court criteria, we prefer a finer tracking on the individual's face, even though the latter will possibly not be always focused or facing the camera all along the tracking, but where we will be able to get a high resolution face somewhere", explained Dominique L. the project design office manager.

After having realized the tracking and control of visitors paths between an entrance and the main reception of a very sensitive financial site, two years ago, this new project confirms the evolution of first rank customers functional needs toward sophisticated behavior analytics, and not only classical intruder detection.



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