Perimeter protection of a large Oil&Gas refinery

RelianceEvitech delivered in January 125 Jaguar licenses for the perimeter protection of an important Oil & Gas refinery. With a wire fence of several kilometers, these installations, partly quite ancient, have different areas of various sensitivity, and different nature :

  • stocks of raw or refined products, which can be targets of an attack, even though the impact of such would be mostly dramatic (in case of a broken or pierced tank, an expansion area at the ground level retains all the product locally, avoiding any propagation),
  • process tools that are not vulnerable by themsleves, but whose deterioration would be penalizing for the operator, due to the delay of repair or replacement.

Indeed, some Oil & Gas process equipments are produced in a such small number that one needs sometimes 2 years before delivery after a purchase order.

The choice of a thermal camera technology was priviledged by the integrator, an important international installation group, to get rid of vehicle's lights effects when moving at the site perimetry.

Before, tests driven over some parts of another refinery in India, at the neighborhood of driving sand tracks used by trucks, had showned that color cameras, even of the latest generation, could produce a switch from Black & White to Color (and reverse), when being confronted to the lights of a vehicle in the scene (breaking the continuity of surveillance and detection), or moving colored light spots in vehicle's reverse direction (able to produce false alarms).

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A little more than ten years ago, EVITECH has established itself as a reference player in video analysis for the Global Security.


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