Protection of a gas terminal

Our Jaguar software will protect from this year a liquid gas terminal (GNL) against intrusions. Connected to CCTV color cameras, the software will detect night and day, any man-sized shape visible in the image able to enter the site resort.

TerminalMProtected by a perimetral fence, the site hosts gas ships along a wharf that ensures the unloading of liquid gas to the ground, from where it is distributed to the country by gas pipelines.

Using this fence, which marks the boundary of the site, and constitutes an obstacle capable of slowing down an intrusion, the Jaguar video analytics solution detects approach, presence, and crossing of any shape able to hide or to embed the threat of a person.

Intruders have a tendency to try to hide, to mask their face, to protect themselves from the view with dark and/or large cloathes hiding their shape, or using objects found in place (paperboards, vegetation), placing them ahead towrd the camera. By night, or by a light sea mist, they'll prefer to try to enter away from the cameras, hoping to cross the fence without being remarked.

The Jaguar sorftare exceptional performance, since it was developed on purpose for this kind of cases, allwo to guarantee that any such threat will be detected and transmitted to the central surveillance office, even though the target is very small in the image, has a low visibility, and is in the background of the field of view.

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