Preserving the purity of tap water !

Jaguar will protect the water catchment wells of several urban communities, as well as the treatment sites.

Goutte eau

Delivering running water to the taps of tens to hundreds of thousands of homes, water intake wells and water supply treatment sites (upstream part) represent a risk for populations, due to the number of people who could be affected by an alteration in the water delivered. A number of water treatment sites in the upstream cycle (before distribution), in central and eastern France, including water intake wells, reservoirs and water treatment buildings, will be monitored and protected to detect any possible compromise of the water (CBRN-type threats).

Unfortunately, the old-fashioned protection of doors with a simple padlock is proving inadequate in the face of new threats. Several color and thermal cameras will be combined on each installation configuration to ensure the detection of any intrusion on all sites.

The protection of water intake sites in France is now a vitally important issue, given the threats and risks downstream. This project follows on from a demonstrator.

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