Protection of a city public swimming pool

A public swimming pool in a city had an outdoor pool heaten all the year long. At night, the swimming pool is generally closed and not monitored. This pool was covered with a thermal cover, to keep warmth. In order to avoid any hazard, the town decided to have the pool monitored when the pool is closed, in order to detect any presence at first coming.

Infrared barriers, initially imagined to protect the pool sides, would have imposed to open the ground on the beaches, in order to install electric wiring on the water side (costly, dangerous, ugly). Furthermore, this equipement, on the beaches, could have suffered from bathers actiities, and constituted obstacles against which children playing around water could hurt or get wounded. 

The swimming pool building was at a distance of a few meters from the pool (cf. photo), and contituted a natural high point for installing a camera at the pool corner. Thanks to a 90° thermal FLIR FC690 camera installed at this corner, and with a single Jaguar video analytics license, it was easy to monitor all the pool and the beaches with a single equipment.

Thus, for a really low price, almost without works (a cable through the building's wall and 4 screws to fix the camera), the entire outdoor pool was protected, and this without trouble for bathers. Unactived when the pool is opened, the thermal camera starts surveillance at closing, and respects bathers intimity, thermal images unabling face identification, nor bath suit color recognition.

This publication describes the project.

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