Goods supply site protection

This year, EVITECH protected a dozen of supply chain sites, these sites being more and more threatened by the growing of Internet sales, and the subcontracting of the supply chain function to transport specialists.

In the past, this kind of sites were classically protected by infrared barriers, which required also cameras for raising doubt about barrier detections, and occupied all the sides of the site perimeter.

However, transport moves in this sites require trucks freedom of movement, and these barriers, as well as camera polls, were often rugged by trucks. Last, cables installation in the ground are costly, as is the installation of camera polls.

Thermal cameras, whose detection range can easily override 500 meters (1500 feet), with the help of the efficient video analytics of EVITECH Jaguar, are particularly recommended in the protection of this kind of sites.

With the help of 8 cameras (two by building side, one facing the other), installed high up to 12 meters on the building sides, outside the moving range of trucks, these large buildings can be protected against all intrusion. An orientation of these cameras toward outside (not right along the wall, but a little turned to the fences) allow to monitor the fences, in order to win precious minutes for warning police forces a while before their progression toward building penetration.

At last, thermal sensors (often called thermal cameras) give a situational image (walls, fences, ground, vehicles, bodies) but do not allow to identify a face, a color, or a plate number, and thus respect full anonymation of the monitored zone, which enables pre-alarm scenarios in the public space, without being intrusive in private lives (thus respecting the law).

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A little more than ten years ago, EVITECH has established itself as a reference player in video analysis for the Global Security.


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