Attendance counting at Tennis Cup Roland Garros 2018

For the Roland Garros 2018 Tennis Tornament, an EVITECH Lynx based attendance measure system was installed on the stadium.

RG18For the Roland Garros 2018 Tennis Tornament, a Lynx based attendance counting system has been installed on the stadium. It relays on 4 color cameras installed in the stadium corners (2 cameras x 2 opposite corners), at half height. 2 Mpixel cameras each take one full stadium stand on the opposite site (ex : stands N & W for the two cameras installed in the SE corner), and then the images are sent by GSM 5G to an EVITECH Lynx counting server, which divided stands into ticketing areas (lodges, ticket categories) and compute attendance globally for the stdium, as well as per area and per category.

The precision of the measure reached on the whole stadium during the tornament was 95%, whilst mean precision on each area was 92%. The more global is the counting, the more acute it is. Counting on small areas is more noisy, also due to the fact that a counting error of one person over a stand of 20 seats has a bigger impact than one person over a 1000 seats stand.

A specific web dashboard was developed in a few days by the customer, over the EVITECH Lynx WSDL/SOAP interface, and proposed to users interested by the figurs (on the left picture, an example on the empty stadium).

The whole system was presented to press, to other events organizers, and to several sport operators.


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