Austin City Limits

Our partner, Event Intelligence Group (EIG), has tested our LYNX software over a 39,000 people live event, and obtained a precision of counting of 99.5%. At the "Austin City Limits" Jazz festival 2014, EIG was in charge of the security/safety of the festival.

 "My job is securing your kids" often claims the EIG company. In charge of the security of the most important live events in the USA and in GB, EIG organizes the security of the event : access, supervision,
control room, interface with police and fire & rescue teams. Controlling the moves of the crowd is thus a major challenge in these events, which requires quality aware tools.

For this test, one of the cameras (see picture) was installed a few meters away from the entry line, where several RFID sensors would detect and identify people RFID entry cards (one per visitor), which would establish the exact number of people viewed crossing the line (ground truth).

Over the two days of the festival, LYNX counted with a precision of around 99.5%, for a non-vertical camera, and for around 39,000 people. "This precision is much better than the one we had before with another video crowd counting product", said M. Guzzetta, President of Event Intelligence Group. "We wish we'll come to France very quickly to meet EVITECH and to sign an exclusive cooperation agreement covering live events supervision in the USA and GB".

The meeting was planned for January 2015 ; an exclusive agreement is in preparation between EVITECH and Event Intelligence Group for covering festival, conventions, and sportive live events alike in the USA and in the United Kingdom.

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A little more than ten years ago, EVITECH has established itself as a reference player in video analysis for the Global Security.


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