A new step achieved for EVITECH

A new step was achieved for EVITECH this year, with a turnover close to a million euros for 2014, in progression of 40%, and a positive result which both encourage the company to pursue its development strategy in the continuity of previous years, keeping its independence.

The company, which chose to address in priority performance and quality of results, for customers with high end requirements, including those with strict budget constraints, maintains and develops its activities at 100% in France, in a security market where video analytics spread now everywhere, embedded in many encoders, cameras or recorders, but which performance is always limited by basic algorithms, limited hardware, and unexisting support. Despite one can find "tripwire", "VCA", and "VMD" everywhere, there is no doubt that once a project has to be realized, beyond the marketing documents, users are left alone and must give up their ambitions unless they dedicate a full time job to browsing false alarms, and doubt raising.

In the private security market, which did not grow much globally for the last years, EVITECH is recognized as a reference player for analytics systems of quality. EVITECH reaches its end users requirements performance for defense and public security projects, in France and in nearby countries where it is present. The progression of its turnover and its result this year conforts again this strategy.

The company will continue its efforts toward exporting its solutions in the future, and has good perspectives in eastern Europe, Asia, and Northern America, whilst its R&D effort will be sustained with high skilled and graduated engineers, working in France in good conditions. This effort is conforted by the selection of the participation of EVITECH to several ongoing cooperative R&D projects funded by highest level organizations, renewed in 2014 and which will be pursued in the coming years.

A little more than ten years ago, EVITECH has established itself as a reference player in video analysis for the Global Security.


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